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The construction, operation, and demolition of buildings cause around 40% of global greenhouse gas emissions. .

This is precisely where we come in: Our mission is to anchor sustainability and environmental protection in building culture.

The EcoTool is a life cycle assessment tool.
It enables builders and planners to control and optimize the environmental impact of construction projects in the early planning phase.

Based on sound data, you can make sustainable decisions easily, quickly and reliably.

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Does this sound familiar?
You want to build sustainably,
but ...

You can't compare competition projects?
Do you have difficulties in evaluating energy efficiency?
Are you confused about the various certification standards?
Having trouble with the complexity of data collection?

With EcoTool, you make solid decisions and minimize the environmental impact of your project.

Effective Life Cycle Assessment

EcoTool enables comprehensive life cycle assessment of your construction project at an early stage. We deliberately start in the early planning phase so that you can minimize the environmental impact of your project while ensuring high efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Sustainable material selection

Material selection is a key factor in the design of a sustainable building project. With the EcoTool, building components can be specifically optimized in terms of their CO2 emissions. Material selection and thickness help you achieve your sustainability goals.

Operational efficiency assessment

EcoTool supports you in planning energy-efficient buildings. It also incorporates operational energy. In this way, we ensure that your project is sustainable and energy-efficient over its entire life cycle.

Simple, fast and reliable

The EcoTool is now freely available. Planners, engineers and architects can estimate the overall ecological balance of the designed building on the basis of just a few inputs - location, material and construction of wall, ceiling and facade.
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That is what satisfied users say

« Today, builders and planners need to be able to make sustainable decisions. We therefore use tools such as the EcoTool in the competition phase of construction projects. The fundamental decisions made early on will significantly reduce CO2 emissions during implementation. »Angelo Moser, Head of client organization,
« Immobilien Basel-Stadt is actively shaping the sustainable future and sees a lot of potential in the construction industry. Thanks to the EcoTool, we can set the sustainability factor as a criterion for our competitions and evaluate the works based on their ecological balance. »Jonathan Koellreuter, Head of Portfolio Management,
Immobilien Basel-Stadt

A well-practiced team

Behind the EcoTool are experienced experts from the fields of engineering, sustainability, architecture and software.

Nico Ros, Katja Fiebrandt, Jacqueline Pauli, Remo Thalmann, Marc Dahmen, Janine Lengacher, Oliver Kirschbaum

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EcoTool — the life cycle assessment tool for early project phases.
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